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Jack Schramm

Democracy and Governance Cameo

Mr. Schramm’s more than 38 years of Rule of Law experience includes a wide-ranging background in practicing, creating, administering, enforcing, and lobbying the law.
His nationally recognized leadership as an elected member of his state’s Legislature (Missouri) for eight years was recognized by the Eagleton Institute of Politics of Rutgers University (“one of the outstanding legislators in the nation”); Wall Street Journal (crediting him in a national front page feature with “beginning to impact state governments around the nation”); and St. Louis Post-Dispatch (citing him as “one of the most effective legislators ever to sit in the Missouri House.”.

He was Regional Administrator of the Mid-Atlantic office of the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (supervising a staff of 600 technical employees and a budget of $2 billion) and, for his compliance effectiveness in resolving cases of national import, earned the offer of a Presidential appointment as head of the Agency’s national compliance office in Washington (declined);

Mr. Schramm established the first regulatory affairs office in Washington, D.C. for Waste Management, Inc., the world’s largest environmental services firm (75,000 employees worldwide), and contributed to the formulation of national environmental policy with the U.S. Congress and EPA.

He began his career practicing law in St. Louis, his home, but in the last 23 years, Mr. Schramm has applied his rule of law and governance experience internationally, both in developing countries and, more recently, in post-crisis countries.
He has worked in some 26 countries on five continents evaluating and formulating governance programs, drafting implementing laws and regulations, and strengthening the institutions that administer them — all supported by such donors as USAID, The World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and OECD.
His most recent Democracy & Governance assignments (all for USAID) include:
(1) Mentoring 15 elected Iraqi Provincial Councils on their law-making responsibilities during which time he was the Keynote Speaker at a National Legislative Conference urging government officials to faithfully implement the new Constitution’s provisions for shared powers in its newly created federal system (2010);
(2) Evaluation of USAID’s Legislative Strengthening Program for the Iraq Parliament resulting in a shutdown of that program owing to both a lack of political effectiveness on the part of the program’s implementers, on the one hand, and, on the other, a lack of cooperation with the American program on the part of the Iraqi Speaker’s Office (2011); and
(3) Developing a trans boundary water strategy for Afghanistan’s Ministry of Energy & Water and Ministry of Foreign Affairs to resolve increasing conflicts over the domestic, agricultural, industrial, and energy uses of water with Afghanistan’s five neighbors, including Iran and Pakistan (2011-2012).

Mr. Schramm’s political background includes his 1972 race as the Democratic nominee for the office of Lt. Governor, Missouri’s 2nd highest office.
With a massive crossover vote supporting his popular reformist agenda against a historic landslide against his ticket, he lost by just one vote per precinct, conceding after a recount taking three weeks.

Within a rule of law framework, he has become familiar with all aspects of strengthening and assessing legislative, executive, and judicial bodies, together with the multidimensional problems associated with jurisdictional decentralization and the devolution of programs.

Mr. Schramm has a Juris Doctor degree in law from Washington University School of Law in St. Louis, MO and a Bachelor of Arts degree (Hons.) in politics and philosophy from Colgate University, Hamilton, NY.
Mr. Schramm has delivered commencement addresses at several universities.

Latest Publications: Passionate Purpose: A Global Governance Journey


One of the best in a generation of outstanding leaders from both parties, Jack Schramm writes here about his fight for integrity in government, politics, policy, and society. Jack was a brilliant legislator who fought for the causes he believed in: justice, education, governance reform, environment, housing, income equality, and so much more. He was an activist who didn’t wait for change, but caused it. As a change agent with purpose, vision, and integrity, Jack’s book should inspire a new generation of change agents.

BOB HOLDEN, former Governor of Missouri.