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MEMECS amis to spread out the culture of M & E principles and applications through both private and public sectors.

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Quality Assessment & Control

Quality assurance is a guiding principle entrenched in all MEMECS work processes. It must be an essential in-built feature of an establishment that has quality as a prime objective. At MEMECS we help our clients integrate quality assurance and control in every step of their project implementation right from the planning stage. In a good management process, quality assurance will show logical inconsistencies, and red-flag stages in the process that do not meet required standards. Aside from in-built, in-house quality checks, we provide external quality checks on a continuous basis to our clients to validate internal control. Quality controls are embedded into operations as a form of monitoring mechanisms through routine data collection on key indicators, resources, time, and expected outcomes. Our clients benefit from quality control mechanisms designed specifically to meet their needs.