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MEMECS amis to spread out the culture of M & E principles and applications through both private and public sectors.

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Services Portfolios

Our key portfolios focus on aspects of human development towards enhancing people’s quality of life.
We provide both general and specialized services in monitoring , evaluation and training, especially in social and health development, education, government and democracy.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Logical Framework Analysis
Best Practices Analysis
Monitoring and Evaluation
Data Optimal Utilization
Impact Evaluation

Research for Decision Makers

This seminar/workshop is designed to strengthen capacity in quantitative and qualitative studies, and presentation of findings. It is tailored for senior and middle level cadre personnel who would like to increase their knowledge and skills in evidence-based decision making. The training is in three modules. (1) Quantitative– takes participants through the research process, from problems conceptualization, theoretical or conceptual framework, to fieldwork, and essentials of data collection and analysis. (2) Qualitative– explains qualitative paradigm including methodological theories, data collection techniques (including rapid appraisal techniques), and analysis. (3) Communication of findings—target group is policy makers, managers, and other decision makers. This module explains techniques on how to communicate study findings in a simple, easy to understand fashion. It explains how to translate percentages and ratios into simple bar charts, pie charts and histogram, how to produce effective PowerPoint presentation, and techniques for translating key findings into policy document for policy makers.

Governance & Democracy

Democratic Principles & Processes
Civil Service
Political Parties
Civil Society

Capacity Building

An aspect of MEMECS expertise includes organizing seminars and workshops on wide-ranging topical issues. We organize technical as well as general workshops and seminars with a view to building consensus and solutions. We help our clients identify knowledgeable and credible speakers (both international and local), on a wide-ranging subject matter. Participants are drawn based on the goals and objectives of the workshop. We do provide cost-effectiveness analysis and evaluation of seminars and workshops on successes and failures.

Work Ethics & Accountability

This workshop/seminar is organized to strengthen the work force to be more effective, and efficient, and to develop a good work culture for quality service. It is organized for all cadres of staff both in the civil service and in public agencies and private companies. Topics covered include– concepts and definitions of ethics, and accountability, experience from developed societies (USA & Britain, or Canada), experience from Iraq contexts, situational analysis of ethics and accountability in Iraq, social institutions and agencies responsible for ethics and accountability in Iraq and challenges to ethics and accountability. The training also includes interactive sessions on how to eliminate challenges to ethics and accountability in Iraq and strategies on how to imbibe good ethics and accountability in the workplace.

Social & Health Development

Adolescent Education & Reproductive Health
Reproductive Health
Social Marketing
Poverty Reduction
Census Project Management
Gender, Disability and Youth