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MEMECS amis to spread out the culture of M & E principles and applications through both private and public sectors.

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MEMECS & Interdisciplinary Research Consultants id:rc firm are awarded contract by the World Bank to execute the process evaluation in Iraq. Project’s Background As part of the Iraq Social Protection Support Program of the World Bank’s Social Protection and Jobs Global Practice, a behavioral intervention was proposed to address behavioral barriers (contextual and psychological factors that might prevent specific human choices and actions) that parents face when supporting their children’s education1. Through comic stories and family activities, this intervention provides beneficiary parents with actionable tips to support their children in school. These tips involve structural recommendations to improve studying skills and achievement, which was reported by parents as one of the main barriers to education. The intervention also aims to increase the perceived present value of education and strengthen a growth mindset that promotes parents and students’ self‐efficacy in the beneficiary households. We expect this to reduce drop‐out and increase school success of beneficiary students.       Providing COVID-9 supplies to secure our social workers’ and beneficiaries safety. Comic book, drawing papers, and stationery to work on the project’s activities.             Cellphones to periodically communicate with the targeted students and their parents and/or guardians to follow up on the Comic book’s activities implementation.         Power outage is one of the biggest challenges the targeted families and our social workers confronting every day.       The whole family gathered around our social worker showing very high interest in the World Bank’s great approach in supporting parents through comic stories and family activities, this intervention provides beneficiary parents with actionable tips to support their children in school.     Even the Grandma been enthusiastic and asked to join our social worker while she is narrating and explaining the World bank Comic book's activities.           One-on-One session with the targeted student, explaining the core idea of the Comic book and how it will help to shape the student’s future to the best.       An amazing and unexpected outcome from the Comic book’s weekly activities! This student, from now; on will plan and work hard to be a doctor.               An amazing and unexpected outcome from the Comic book’s weekly activities! This student, from now; on will plan and work hard to be an officer.               An...

Health For All Now! Second Ed. (Arabic Edition) (Arabic) Paperback – December 1, 2014 by Ammar A. Mahdi (Adapter), Elvira Beracochea (Author)

Finally available in Arabic, thanks to our partners MEMECS based in Iraq, Health for All Now is accessible throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Health for All Now, originally written in English by Dr. Beracochea emphasizes that the ultimate resource to make a bigger impact in global health is human resourcefulness; the one unlimited resource within all developing countries. Global health programs must systematically build on the resourcefulness of health professionals in developing countries by providing them with the tools and support they need to succeed. This book shows them how. Learn the 3 principals that really help you make a bigger impact in global health: Quality; Efficiency; and Consistency. With updated technical information, expanded guides and checklists and an integrated approach to health care delivery that is not based on a disease or a vertical program, this new edition of the "Health for All NOW" book shows how one person can turn his or her professional career into a legacy that will impact the well-being of whole communities and even an entire country. This book is a must read for global health professionals, project managers, supervisors, and training institutions that need a simple and effective way to communicate what global health can be....

Women’s day conference KRG

Mrs. Payam A. Kedhr is a current KRG parliament member, a human rights and pro-women’s rights activists and is a current MEMECS member. She participated in the Women’s International Conference, which was hosted in KRG in March of 2016. There were many former and current KRG parliament members that participated in this conference in addition to NGOs, government personnel, UN representatives, and many other people and groups of importance. The conference discussed many topics, which includes but is not limited to: Promoting the role of women and pro-women organizations to exert more pressure on juridical bodies with regards to pro-women legislations, such as emphasizing the rights of women in the constitution, passing laws that protect women, and providing gender equality. Unifying the efforts of women to apply the laws written in KRG draft constitution. Unifying the efforts of NGOs to help displaced and refugee Azidi women and children. Apply pressure on the government, United Nations (UN), and international organizations to help with applying pro-women resolutions such as the UN Resolution No. 1325. At this conference, Mrs. Khider presented a panoramic picture of the most important laws and legislations issued by KRG parliament since 1992 to present day, emphasizing the role that women’s organizations have in preparing, submitting, and issuing these laws and legislations. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9MZbdDYh5g&feature=youtu.be...

MEMECS met with the Minister of Justice of Kurdistan and the Head of Al-Shura Council

His Excellency Mr. Sherwan Al Haydari, the Minister of Justice in Kurdistan region met Ammar A. Mahdi , the Head of MEMECS organization, the meeting was convened in the Ministry of Justice building on 8/25/2013. The topics of the meeting were related to the coordination mechanisms and how can MEMECS provides training for KRG Shura Council staff. In addition, Judge Shwan Muhi El din, the Head of KRG Shura Council attended the meeting. The Minister of Justice has briefly updated MEMECS on the areas that the organization can help with. It is worthy to note that MEMECS located in Erbil and provides M&E and oversight services in the legal and administrative aspects to the government entities and NGOs. ...

MEMECS signed a contract with KOICA Alumni Association in Iraq “KAAI”

Based on MEMECS' goals of developing and promoting the NGOs and CSOs in Iraq, on Nov. 27th2012 MEMECS signed a contract with KOICA Alumni Association in Iraq “KAAI” which is one of the national organizations working in Iraq for more than 3 years and performing a wide range of activities with the international Organization Korea International Cooperation Agency “KOICA”,helping them to design and execute their own website in collaboration with our partner Opascal, which would help KAAIto easy introduce about its organization activities and communicate with other partners, donors and beneficiaries as well not to mention this step will add to their reputation....