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Sherif Elgindy

Quality Consultant

Dr. Sherif Elgindy, is an international quality professional, with over 35 years of experience.
Dr. Sherif is the Vice Chairman Board of Directors at Arab British Dynamics (ABD) he is also a Quality Systems Senior Consultant for the Environmental Sector Program   (ESP) of Danish Development Aid, DANIDA. Dr. Sherif served a Technical Consultant in Sajini Research and Consultancy Centre, (SRCC – Industrial Projects Sector) – Jeddah – Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Sherif is a Quality Consultant in the field of rehabilitation, quality systems training and certification to different governmental authorities, factories, companies, and hospitals and the Head of Quality Systems Consulting Group of the Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI). He is also served as DQA (Data Quality Assessment) consultant.

Dr. Sherif has remarkable fingerprints in Iraq; he led the biggest awareness campaign in Iraqi government ministries and the Council of Ministries Secretariat regarding the Quality Management System ISO 9001, and quality aspects in management in addition to be the Consultant of QMS (Quality Management System) in Iraqi government, through USAID, he established for the first time a quality management unit in the main organization chart of four Iraqi ministries, plus two governorates.

Dr. Sherif Establish and executed a reform program for EEAA eight laboratories to be ISO 9001 certified, and five laboratories to be ISO 17025 accredited he also established strategic partnerships with National Institute of Standards (NIS).

Dr. Sherif conducted massive lecturers for example: lectures in the Arab Institute for Research and Aviation Technology, lecturers in the Egyptian Society for Quality (ESQ) and lecturers in Ministry of Internal Affairs – U.A.E. Abu Dhabi.

Email: sherif@memecs.net