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Maiwada Zubairu

Maiwada Zubairu is Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant with expertise in M & E Capacity Assessment and Capacity Building, Knowledge Management Development Research, Financial Sector Analysis, Agricultural Policies and Institutions, Agribusiness, Markets and Trade.

His professional career spans over 30 years working in finance and   other development lead for M&E Capacity Building/Training as well as Focal Person for 5 Economic Growth and Environment projects (Value Chain, Trade and Transport, Energy, Livelihoods and Policy) under a USAID/Nigeria Monitoring and Evaluation contract. He is conversant with robust monitoring systems for results measurement, including the Donor Committee for Enterprise Development (DCED) Standards. He has mastered the key performance indicators of Economic Growth, Education, Environment and Governance. He has been actively involved in the development and review of projects’ Performance Management Plans (PMPs), Logical Frameworks (LogFrames), and M&E plans. He supported project managers to (within their project’s manageable interest) select, measure and report on performance indicators at input, output, outcome and impact levels. He has immensely contributed in the planning, implementation and reporting of three (3) key performance evaluations.

In addition to his excellent computer skills, he has excellent analytical and communication skills. He is proficient in both qualitative and quantitative researches; development of survey instruments; design of data collection methodologies that enforce quality control; and development of qualitative/quantitative data analysis, and data reporting plans.

Born February 13, 1954 in Katsina, Nigeria. Speaks and writes fluently in English and Hausa; Working visits to Ghana, Tanzania and Rome. Other Countries visited – United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Niger, Senegal, and Kenya.